Taking commissions

Depending on work commitments, I may be available for short-term commissions and consultancy work to assist with your data and digital history projects.

Please note: I do not expect to have any availability before the end of 2024.

Data work

I have extensive experience of working with data in a wide range of formats including plain text, CSV, XML, SQL, other databases and spreadsheets. I can take on projects including:

  • data cleaning and wrangling
  • data reshaping and conversion between formats
  • record linkage
  • XML markup, data entry

For example, if you have a set of XML files and no idea what to do with them, depending on its complexity, I can extract the encoded information and convert it to a spreadsheet or other format.

I can also give advice on

  • software and tools to use in your data project
  • database design
  • data management, sharing and re-use

See data projects for examples of large and small datasets I’ve created and shared.

Analysis and visualisation

If your project has created a large and/or complex, semi-structured or structured dataset and you’re looking for new ways to view and understand it, I can help.

I use R and a range of visualisation tools to create online reports and presentations. I can work with a well-defined brief to create, say, a gallery of visualisations to showcase your data, or a set of charts for a publication. Alternatively, I can work with you in a collaborative, exploratory process to find out new things about your data.

For examples of my work exploring and visualising historical data, see:

I’m always interested in adding to my skills, and things I’m currently learning more about include dashboards and interactive visualisations.

Making websites

I have been building websites for many years. I can create lightweight self-contained websites that can be copied to almost any web hosting space and require minimal maintenance.

I’ve built and customised many websites using the PHP-based wiki software PmWiki, which is ideal for various kinds of documentation sites and resources, such as the London Lives Voices website.

I can also create attractive and highly functional websites and blogs using static site generators (including the website you’re reading now). In 2020, I used this approach for a commissioned online e-book, London Lives: Poverty, Crime and the Making of a Modern City, 1690–1800.

See more examples of my websites

Historical research

I can also provide research assistance in areas around my research interests, especially:

  • the social history of early modern Britain
  • crime and legal history
  • women and gender
  • Welsh history

I am highly experienced in research work including:

  • archival research and photography
  • transcription (especially early modern English and Latin legal documents)
  • data entry


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