Digital Making

Building websites for digital history

I’ve been making websites since c.1999. This has included handcoding HTML, hacking WordPress and wikis, building PHP/MySQL from scratch and, more recently, using static site generators and HTML frameworks.

Exploring the Power of Petitioning

A website for exploring and visualising data created by and for The Power of Petitioning in the 17th Century (TPOP). Built with RMarkdown and Distill. (2021)

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London Lives OA e-book

An electronic edition of the book London Lives: Poverty, Crime and the Making of a Modern City, 1690–1800, including updated visualisations, built as a static website using RMarkdown. (2020)


London Lives Voices

A website to document my digital history projects focused on the exploration of data from London Lives 1690-1800 and the Old Bailey Online. Originally PHP (PmWiki), now a static site (Quarto). (2018)

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In Her Mind’s Eye

A blog for exploring and visualising history data, with open data and code. Static site; converted from Blogdown in 2023 to the Quarto publishing system. (2018)


Criminal Tattoos

Exploring the uses and meanings of tattooing for c.60,000 individuals in the Digital Panopticon database. Originally Blogdown, now Quarto. (2018)

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Defamation and Gender

An edition of my MA thesis research on sexual defamation in 17th-century York, including an HTML version of the thesis and searchable database of the cases used in research. Built in PHP with a simple MySQL database. (2014)

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A step-by-step guide to using the reference manager Zotero, created to accompany a British Library one-day training workshop. Static site (previously PmWiki). (2013)

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Early Modern Crime and Law

A website gathering together resources and material from my crime research. Static website built with Quarto (previously PHP/MySQL). (2012)

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