Early Modern

Research projects and resources

My main early modern research interests are crime and legal history, women and gender, and Welsh and British history. I’ve been collecting and creating online resources for early modernists since c.1999.

Early Modern Resources

A research portal for the early modern period (c.1500-1800 CE), which lists websites that are free to access and focuses on high-quality resources suitable for advanced research, study and teaching. (resource)


Exploring The Power of Petitioning

A website for exploring and visualising data created by and for The Power of Petitioning in the 17th Century (TPOP). (research)


London Lives Voices

Building on the earlier London Lives Petitions, a project about paupers and petitioners who gave accounts of themselves to authorities in London Lives records. (research)

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Defamation and Gender

A digital edition of my MA thesis research on sexual defamation in 17th-century York. (research)

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Early Modern Crime and the Law

A website gathering together resources and material from my research on crime in early modern Britain. (research)

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Early Modern Crime Bibliography

Searchable bibliography on crime, disputes and disorder, criminal law and punishment, mainly Britain, western Europe and north America. (resource)

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Women’s Lives in the British Civil Wars

A microsite focusing on women’s voices and experiences of the British Civil Wars, with source extracts, images and mini-biographies. (resource)

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