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The ease with which Groups can be set up facilitates a wide range of collaborative uses, in teaching and research.

Many of these collaborations use the Zotero facilities in quite a simple way, creating bibliographies in Zotero, sometimes using its export functions (or API) to publish copies in documents and web pages elsewhere.

Student Projects

In most disciplines finding and digesting the relevant literature is a key skill and therefore an annotated bibliography can be a useful student assignment; these can also be individual assignments, although collaboration adds a valuable extra dimension to the exercise.

Research and Resource Bibliographies

Public History Career Resource Bibliography

This also originated as a student project, subsequently turned into a public resource.

Ecomusicology Bibliography

Commodity Histories Bibliography

Not a collaborative group on Zotero itself, but it is a useful example of a research project using Zotero as a resource to create and maintain a bibliography. (Site visitors can suggest additions using a form.)

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