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Aberystwyth sunset, 2005

This page provides links to freely accessible full-text versions of peer-reviewed published articles and other work. All of these works are available for study and research purposes, with just a few caveats:

  1. you may download or print off copies for your own use, but you may not republish any of the files without permission (unless stated otherwise in the text itself);
  2. you must acknowledge the source fully and accurately (see note below) if you quote directly from any of the texts in any publication, academic essay, webpage, etc.
  3. some articles are copies of the work exactly as it appeared in the journal, but others are merely copies of the final draft version that was accepted for publication; I always state which, and you should never misrepresent what you are referencing.


Journal articles

'Bloody Code: Reflecting on a decade of the Old Bailey Online and the digital futures of our criminal past', Law, Crime and History 5:1 (2015) (link to OA journal)

'Investigating responses to theft in early modern Wales: communities, thieves and the courts', Continuity and Change, 19:3 (2004), 409-30. (Published by Cambridge University Press.) Copy of the final published article.

'Imagining the pain and peril of seventeenth-century childbirth: travail and deliverance in the making of an early modern world', Social History of Medicine, 16:3 (2003), 367-382. (Published by Oxford University Press.) Copy of final draft of article.

'Riotous community: crowds, politics and society in Wales, c.1700–1840', Welsh History Review, 20:4 (2001), pp.656-86. (Published by University of Wales Press.) Copy of final draft of article.

Other publications

With Tim Hitchcock, Robert Shoemaker, Katherine Rogers and Jane Winters, Chapter 7 (Connected Histories case study), in Content Clustering and Sustaining Digital Resources (2011) PDF; EPUB (at

With Robert Shoemaker and Tim Hitchcock, Crime in the Community impact analysis report (2010) (at


Selected conference papers

'Remixing and Remaking Digital History: the London Lives Petitions', paper given at Digital Humanities Congress, Sheffield, September 2016.

'What can you do with 10,000 petitions?', web presentation, with slides, notes and additional resources, of a paper given at Addressing Authority: Petitions and Supplications in Early Modern Europe, London, March 2016

'Unmarried mothers in eighteenth-century London', paper delivered at North American Conference on British Studies, Louisville, November 2009 (currently missing thrilling PPT slides; will attempt to track them down)

'Gentlemen behaving badly: gentlemen and interpersonal violence in seventeenth-century Britain', paper delivered at Icons and Iconoclasts: The Long Seventeenth Century, 1603 to 1714, University of Aberdeen, UK, July 2006.

'Communities policing "criminal" bodies in early modern Wales, slightly revised version of a paper delivered at Controlling Bodies: The Regulation of Conduct 1650-2000, University of Glamorgan, June 2002.


Crime, communities and authority in early modern Wales: Denbighshire c.1660-1730, PhD dissertation, University of Wales, 2003; copy of the accepted dissertation.

'Gender and defamation in York, 1661-1700: reputation, authority and the power of words', MA dissertation, University of York, 1999; copy of the accepted dissertation.