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Offence : pettyTreason

Total offences 23
Breakdown: defendants by gender
female 20
male 4
Breakdown: defendants by verdict
guilty 17
notGuilty 7

NB: breakdown totals are likely to differ from offences total because some trials have multiple defendants / multiple charges / multiple verdicts.

Sample trial: t16880222-24


Offence(s) description

did make an Assault upon Dennis Aubry her Husband, Feloniously, Wilfully, and Traiterously; and that the said Mary Aubry, with a piece of Pack-thread which the said Mary Aubry then and there had, about the Neck of the said Dennis Aubry, feloniously, wilfully, traiterously, and of Malice aforethought, did put, and then the said Mary Aubry; with the Pack-thread aforesaid, the said Dennis thy Husband, feloniously, wilfully, and with malice aforethought, then and there did it choak and strangle; of which said choaking and strangling of the said Dennis, the said Dennis then and there instantly died. So that thou the said Mary Aubry , the same Dennis thy Husband, in manner and form aforesaid, feloniously, wilfully; traiterously, and of malice aforethought, didst kill and murther, against the Peace of our Soveraign Lord, his Crown and Dignity

concealing the laid Murther, and harbouring, and relieving the said Mary Aubry