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Offence : religiousOffences

Total offences 38
Breakdown: defendants by gender
male 33
female 6
Breakdown: defendants by verdict
guilty 25
notGuilty 14
specialVerdict 1

NB: breakdown totals are likely to differ from offences total because some trials have multiple defendants / multiple charges / multiple verdicts.

Sample trial: t16770117-1


Offence(s) description

having a strange enthusiastick head, began about the year 1651, to enter into Confederacy with one Reeves (another Brother of the Sheers) who resolve to cut out a new Scheme or Fashion of Religion; and to that purpose declarethemselves, The two last Witnesses of God that ever should be upon the Earth; and that they had absolute and irrevocable power to save and damn whom they pleas'd; to which end one call'd himself the Blessing, the other the Cursing Prophet