Digital Making

Building websites for digital history

I have been making websites since c.1999. This has included handcoding HTML, hacking WordPress and wikis, building PHP/MySQL from scratch and, more recently, using static site generators and HTML frameworks.

London Lives OA e-book

An electronic edition of the book London Lives: Poverty, Crime and the Making of a Modern City, 1690–1800, including updated visualisations, built as a static website using RMarkdown, Bootstrap and Javascript. (2020)


London Lives Voices

A website to document my digital history projects focused on the exploration of data from London Lives 1690-1800 and the Old Bailey Online. A small PHP site made with a customised version of the wiki software PmWiki. (2018)

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In Her Mind’s Eye

A blog for exploring and visualising history data, with open data and code. Uses a static site generator (Hugo, via the R package Blogdown) with personalised site templates. (2018)


Criminal Tattoos

Exploring the uses and meanings of tattooing for c.60,000 individuals in the Digital Panopticon database. Uses a static site generator (Hugo/Blogdown) with personalised site templates. (2018)

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Defamation and Gender

An edition of my MA thesis research on sexual defamation in 17th-century York, including an HTML version of the thesis and searchable database of the cases used in research. Built in PHP with a MySQL database, using the HTML5 Boilerplate framework. (2014)

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A step-by-step guide to using the reference manager Zotero, created to accompany a British Library one-day training workshop. A PHP website, using a customised version of the wiki software PmWiki. (2013)

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Early Modern Commons

An RSS aggregator for blogs covering the period c.1500-1800 C.E. It was custom-built in PHP with a MySQL database, using the feed parser SimplePie. (2012)


Early Modern Crime and Law

A website gathering together resources and material from my crime research. This iteration is PHP with a small MySQL database, but the earliest version (c.2003) consisted of handcoded static HTML pages. (2012)

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Women’s History Carnival

WHC uses RSS feeds to find content from blogs about women’s and/or gender history. Built in PHP with a MySQL database, using SimplePie to fetch feeds. (2013)


The New Newgate Calendar

An aggregator for blogs about the history of crime, justice and punishment. Built in PHP/MySQL with SimplePie. (2013)

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