Playing with Code

Dwelling on the past.

This page is now for old experiments that didn’t quite work out and projects that have been retired from active development. Check out the making page for more interesting and up-to-date stuff!

Experiments with the Old Bailey Online

Tinkering with the possibilities of the Old Bailey Online API and other OB/related data.


Visualising Twitterstorians

Early attempts to analyse and visualise Twitter hashtags data used by historians.

TwitterViz »

History Carnival

A monthly showcase of blog writing about history, hosted at a different blog each month to provide a variety of approaches and perspectives. No longer active.

HC archive »


Carnivalesque was an interdisciplinary blog carnival dedicated to pre-modern history (to c. 1800 C.E.). No longer active.

Carnivalesque »

Medieval Broadside

A small aggregator/blogroll for medievalists. No longer active.

Medieval Broadside »