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Canaletto, 'A Regatta on the Grand Canal' (1732), from the Web Gallery of Art

I'm a great fan of blogs and social media as a medium for both academics and non-academics to communicate their enthusiasm and expertise in our histories. I like making resources that facilitate this.

History Carnival

The History Carnival is a monthly showcase of blog writing about history, usually held on the 1st day of the month and hosted at a different blog each month to provide a variety of approaches and perspectives. On hiatus.

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Early Modern Commons

EMC is an aggregator for blogs covering the period c.1500-1800 C.E. It is intended as a resource to help readers to keep up with early modern blogging, and to connect with people who share their interests


Women's History Carnival

WHC uses RSS feeds to find and share content from blogs about women's and/or gender history.


New Newgate Calendar

A small aggregator and blogroll of blogs about historical crime, justice and punishment.

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The Broadside

The Broadside aims to track, share and record the latest blogging, discussions and news about history posted by historians on Twitter. It's a work in progress...

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Past projects

Medieval Broadside

Another small aggregator/blogroll for medievalists. No longer active.

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Carnivalesque was an interdisciplinary blog carnival dedicated to pre-modern history (to c. 1800 C.E.). No longer active.

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